How to Update Your Kitchen in the New Year

Why not start the new year off with a new look? And what better space to focus on than a room that has become more and more multifunctional, serving as a place to gather, dine, socialize, and unwind. Whether you are looking for a complete renovation or a small rejuvenation, The Colella Design Team has the insight you need to start the new year off with a kitchen update that will have you pulling out the streamers and confetti to celebrate all over again!

Here’s how you can update your kitchen in 2022:

  1. Repaint the walls or cabinets – One small change that has a big impact on the overall look and feel of any room, kitchen included, is a fresh coat of paint. Since you’re looking to update the space, add more personality by choosing a trendy color palette. One of the most popular paints colors for 2022 is sage green. Introduce the soothing color by repainting your walls or the cabinets in the shade. Whichever route you take, your kitchen is guaranteed to have more character and charm with a fresh color scheme.
  2. Incorporate an island – The central gathering place in any kitchen is most often the island, so why not have it be more original? Instead of permanently installing a typical, large-surface countertop, consider using antique or repurposed furniture like high-top rectory or console tables. Not only will this add more individuality to your home design and decor, but it is also practical. By using less permanent furniture, you can accommodate a variety of spaces, a large number of guests, and an assortment of needs. Adding an innovative, moveable island to your kitchen will be life-changing!
  3. Upgrade your sink – Another significant kitchen addition that is becoming more prominent in home design is the double basin sink. Having a larger “sink workstation” not only adds a bit of homely charm to your style, but it is also more practical. Why? Because oversized sinks allow you to efficiently complete simultaneous tasks like washing or drying old dishes and meal preparation all at once. While incorporating a double basin sink into your home design might be a bit of a splurge, you cannot put a price on the practicality and convenience it offers.
  4. Leave the hardware behind – Most new kitchen designs capture more contemporary, clean looks. One way to demonstrate this is through minimalist surfaces with little to no hardware. In a kitchen, this is most important when it comes to cabinetry, so be sure to include subtle, sleek knobs and pulls in your kitchen update. You might also consider swapping out any hanging or pendant light fixtures for recessed lighting that goes unnoticed. This switch minimizes exposed hardware and allows you to focus on the room’s more decorative features.
  5. Add a walk-in pantry – Maximize your kitchen storage and organization by adding a walk-in pantry. Over the past year, your shopping habits have likely changed. You might find yourself buying in bulk rather than buying incrementally. Because of this, walk-in pantries have almost become a necessity! They are the ideal place to store your surplus of dry and canned goods, recipe books, and even kitchen tools. Depending on its size, you might even incorporate a coffee station or a spot for your smaller kitchen appliances inside the pantry so they do not take up valuable counter space.

Upgrading the kitchen is on trend for home design projects in 2022. If your kitchen could use a makeover, these tips can help you transform the space in simple yet effective ways. Do you love these ideas but need help bringing them to life? Contact The Colella Design Team today for your free design consultation!

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