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Obviously, we love the design, decor, hospitality, and the furnishing industry. Oh! And art! But (yep, there’s a BUT), let’s talk about how we can help grow your already successful interior design business even further.

No matter if you’re ASID, IDS, or a member of another industry organization, we can help you do what you love, and check off the To-Dos on your list, that are, well…not so much fun or simply get no love at all!

Contact Marina today at (914) 761-6150  or fill out the form below to discuss franchise opportunities in Westchester County NY.

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Here are a handful of the many things that we can assist even the most successful designers or decorators convert from “just getting by…” to a serious, downright #DecorBoss:

  • Manufacturer Pricing If you’re paying “To the Trade” prices, our established network of growing suppliers allows our designers to take advantage of true direct account wholesale pricing; this alone can buy more Christian Louboutins and Chanel handbags that you thought possible! Seriously…the difference is your profit!
  • Established Accounts Our franchise owners are immediately provided a network of 150 name brand suppliers ready to work with them. NO account set up ,NO minimums. Just select the products you want and generate the purchase order.
  • Sourcing Products Our team already does the work of most full-time assistants, by sourcing trending suppliers, creating guidelines for local reps and sorting products by Good-Better-Best so that you can easily go to vendors and products to suit the client’s budget.
  • Product Categories Right now, you’re probably leaving money on the table by missing out on selling your clients leading product categories such as lighting, window coverings, and luxury or big name furniture brands, or outdoor furnishings, don’t worry….we’ve got you covered there too.
  • Public Relations Imagine seeing your work published everywhere! With a complete support system and professionals to market and pitch your projects to leading editors that listen, we help our designers get published in leading publications.
  • National Advertising Right now, you’re probably not able to afford to get your name out there to a national audience. We get it! It’s expensive! Don’t worry…we cover that for you too!
  • Leads + Client Acquisition We help YOU generate leads…! With our constant digital ad campaigns, remarketing, and targeting consumers that want your service, we generate leads so that you can stay focused on designing.
  • Loss of Time Whether you’re trying to prove yourself to a supplier to make a simple purchase, or arguing with the website developer, or reaching out to editors in the middle of the night, our team will maximize your time so that you can show up on time for tomorrow’s appointment like the #DecorBoss that you are!